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  • Beware the female tokenism

    When the most exciting achievement, becomes a shit show lacking authenticity.

    Do you let people speak openly about where businesses are failing their people, or are you too busy sharing success stories?

    "If you are going to talk the talk about inclusion, you must walk to the walk. She feels it. Her colleagues feel it. If its inauthentic, it’s a sheet of cling wrap that you and everyone else see's right through"

  • MUST READ! #undergroundmininglife - A day in the life of a female UG coal mine worker

    A day in the life, its probably a perspective of the underground coal mine environment that you haven't heard before....silence is far easier. But it doesn't create change and progress. So get vulnerable! While writing this I reflected on how many things I have just accepted. I chose my battles and only realised later after sharing this, how much our stories can have an impact.