Safety and Equipment Supplier Discovery Session

Online Safety and Equipment Supplier Discovery Session

Do what few others have done, and many more should be doing to stay competitive and re-create your product/equipment offering to appeal to/be designed for females in our heavy industries!

HINT: Its not just painting things pink lol

A one hour Solution Generation Session for Safety and Equipment Suppliers with Shesfreetobe, The Female Inclusion Experts. This session includes:

  • Prior to you session with Shesfreetobe we:
    • Ask you to supply detail of products/equipment not included on your website (and details of items if that is not included on your website)*
    • Review the above and your website product offering*
    • Identify perceived gaps in your offering
  • During Session we:
    • We provide what we see as the solutions to improve offering
    • Lead discussion around gaps identified
    • Summarise discussion and outcomes which are provided to you.

If you want your current products/equipment or product/equipment development projects analysed for female inclusion GET IN TOUCH TODAY to book in a session.

Sessions start at $499 depending on the size and detail required in the product/equipment range to be reviewed.

Simply filling out the form below or if you want to chat further please either call our Female Inclusion Expert Kristy on +64 215 787 40 or email us at

All information provided to Shesfreetobe will be kept confidential.

Note: Shesfreetobe will be in touch within 24 hours as we work at operations in remote locations and will provide some possible times for your booking. If you have a preferred time please let us know when you contact us.

Limits apply which is assessed by Shesfreetobe once your message/email is received and reviewed