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Kristy Christensen is an Experienced Speaker and Enthusiastic Educator who has mastered the art of sharing her personal stories to connect with any audience, from Digger Operator to CEO.

At Shesfreetobe, we are passionate about Presenting with Storytelling for Impact because of a career full of having to sit through many dull, yawny, death by powerpoint presentations. 

Don't get us wrong, we are operators, scientists and engineers and we love powerpoint, but believe its power is in images with very few words!

Whether it at the job site, in the C-Suite or in front of a room packed with people, stories create connection between people. They have the power to reach within an audience and create new brain connections to change individual behaviours.

The stories open your heart to learn about how female inclusion can be achieved, there are so many easy ways to start. We can do many large scale important changes, but so much power rests in creating small moments that matter. Those small moments build Trust and Connection within a Workplace.

Do you want to be an employer of choice and to take the right steps toward better Trust and Connection

Do you want stand out from the crowd and Create a Better Workplace where Women THRIVE.

Simply filling out the form below or if you want to chat further please either call our Female Inclusion Expert Kristy on +64 215 787 40 or email us at

Note: Shesfreetobe will be in touch within 24 hours as we work at operations in remote locations and will provide some possible times for your booking. If you have a preferred time please let us know when you contact us.