Kristy's Story

Outdoor adventures, Science and Engineering are all things I love to immerse myself in.

Combine those into a career as a Geologist and Engineer and out pops Shesfreetobe because through those problem solving passions, I found my souls calling!

Using all the tips and hacks I had learnt and collected during my career to help organisations and businesses achieve better Health, Safety and Well being outcomes for a thriving female workforce!

I never stop finding ways to solve the challenge of being in a workplace that was traditionally male and designed to suit.

This is no newsflash, but women have a monthly menstrual cycle and mostly sit down to urinate. There are different products to make life easier, as a female body is unique and should not feel like a burden. Women shine if given the right tools from the beginning, so they can quickly adapt and stay comfortable and healthy. The flip side of this is when she quits an amazing role because she hates the complicated scenario of going toilet on a 12 hour shift and the resulting frequent UTI's and headaches from an inadequate water intake.

No Organisation wants that!


Fresh faced and chatty women takes a job as an Underground Geologist in Australia before going for a visit underground. Fast forward to her first day underground and she realises the mistake…

She ordered full overalls as Underground gear. She did NOT think through the scenario of going for a wee in overalls with a full belt (heavy with self rescuer and lamp attached) and a hard hat connected to all that via the lamps' cord, and that toilets rarely have doors or privacy.

To urinate, there are two immediate known options 

1. Find a quiet spot as advised by the first Mining Supervisor that levelled with her on day six. She needs to take off her belt, roll down the overalls so she's just in her bra, squat but keep the overalls out of the way of the flow, place her hard hat in the pile (pile is close because it’s all connected via the lamp cord) then go. And hopefully, she planned ahead with some form of paper otherwise its shake and dry


2. Use the regurgitating toilets that stink, sometimes are covered in poo, are sometimes cleanish and are left underground for months at a time (or until someone blocks them up with rags). This toilet has a tarpoline type curtain called brattice hanging around it for privacy (if it’s your lucky day) so again, heavy belt and connected hard hat off, but close and she's likely hovering over a dirty toilet in her bra doing this, and if she's lucky there is toilet paper. And shes hoping no one comes along, as every person in that area uses the same facility.


3. Don't drink water (against the health and safety guidelines for hydration and water consumption), hopefully not need to go to the toilet, it avoids both scenarios but increases the chance of getting a debilitating UTI or a headache/migraine.    

How to manage a monthly menstrual cycle is something Shesfreetobe ladies will face. Management options include:

1. Trial different forms of contraception. Try one that stops the cycle altogether (not recommended - this messes with hormones big time). Skip sugar pills so she only had a period once every 7 weeks (this one works out OK, but parts of the above problem remained).

2. Cue shameful sick day on her heavy days when she knew she couldn’t get away with the old two barrier tampon plus pad combo. Some days are hectic and she can get stuck onsite, so if she has an overflow episode there are few options. But this is the better option for her health and safety.

3. The BEST solution, the menstrual cup! She can wear this for 12 hours (plus pad on heavy days) without needing to do a freak out about toxic shock syndrome from tampons and overflowing (noting this isn’t the same for everyone). She definitely wont be looking back!

So the Shesfreetobe Tool kit was born. I wanted to share my discoveries with other ladies so I bought and assembled a similar pack. The feedback was overwhelming, they loved it and thanked me so much for making them feel valued, welcome, wanted and considered in such a remote environment. It changed the lives of a few of my workmates as they had been suffering in SILENCE about both of those scenarios.

The Shesfreetobe Toolkit addresses the females bodies needs like nothing has before, and the products have been selected for maximum effectiveness.

Simply buy a pack from us and let it support and inform your female workforce showing that you WELCOME females into your organisation, you CARE for them and you VALUE them.

So many organisations are debating why retention is hard to achieve... I can help you identify the why’s. The Shesfreetobe Tool kits are the fastest first step to acknowledging the amazing female bodies they have.

As outlined in the Shesfreetobe Three Step Female Inclusion Strategy the next step is to understand your workforce’s day to day work place experience.

Over her working life she could need to manage a pregnancy, breastfeeding and expressing at work, childcare, menopause and the list goes on. Wherever you work, lets nail that inclusive environment and do better.

We want to change your female workforce's lives and support their Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

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