Resourceful Women's Dani Tamati - 26/07/2020

Thrilled for my gorgeous friend Kristy Christensen who is presenting at AusIMM with her Shesfreetobe merch. Those in mining need to get amongst this. RW

Olivia - South32

Kristy is a rare find and it's hard to think of someone else who is more passionate about supporting Women in Mining and making workplaces work for women. I have a Shesfreetobe Toolkit and it has changed my life! Kristy has a unique understanding of mining workplaces in both surface and underground operations and she has combined her extensive knowledge of these into this toolkit. She made me feel like my well-being was important and that I was welcome and cared for in my workplace. I have seen Kristy's ideas turn into reality not just with the Shesfreetobewith Survival Toolkit but with her introduction of parent rooms in the workplace and her campaigns for bathroom upgrades. I highly encourage all mining organisations to benefit from Kristy's guidance!

Cindy - BHP

I would be hard pressed to find someone so passionate about enabling Women in Mining to love their roles without all the barriers that exist in our workplaces! I was lucky to be provided with the Toolkit in a previous role and it changed my life. Because of Kristy's unique understanding of Mining workplaces after working in Underground coal and on the surface, she has rolled all that knowledge into her toolkits. She made us feel like the organisation cared for our well being and that we were welcome and accepted. I support her vision to improve the workplace experience of women in heavy industry and know organisations need her guidance, so women love working in mining and love working for them

Nicky - Worrier to Warrior Recommends Shesfreetobe