Why You Need to Work with Shefreetobe


Heavy Industry Employers looking to gain competitive advantage, attract top talent and win the fight for key skills are increasingly focused on attracting more female employees.

But let's face it, women have different needs when it comes to working in remote and challenging heavy industry environments, and if these needs are not adequately met then you risk losing those females, which is a significant cost to your business.

Yet the solutions to these problems don't have to be expensive in order to retain great female employees.

In fact, a few simple innovations and tweaks and females will be knocking down your door.

Your workplace experience must work for women, and be singing "Trust and Belonging" into her workday.

Shesfreetobe Your Female Inclusion Journey (C)
Kristy is the Director and Female Inclusion Expert for Shesfreetobe and an award winning innovator for inclusion, winning the 2018 Exceptional Young Women in Mining NSW award and Highly commended in the National awards. She’s a senior technical expert and a change-maker in the minerals industry, so she knows the heavy industry environments intimately.

Here's two things you could do today to ensure women thrive while working for you:

✔ Provide a Shesfreetobe Toolkit to your new / existing female employees. Workplace experience is like a soundtrack setting the mood. The toolkit welcomes the unique female form, says you care about your female employees' workplace experience and that they belong.

✔ Position your organisation as an employer of choice for females by inviting us to spend 'A Day in HER life', so together, we can assess the design of facilities and workplace spaces, job design and policies to break down any barriers to their success.

Understanding the barriers to female inclusion is key, I help organisations understand how to improve their workplace experience from the site to the office. My client feedback is overwhelmingly positive, I help them see the female experience so they can become transformative.

Kristy is an enthusiastic educator who is passionate about worker well-being and increasing female representation in heavy industry. Her experience overcoming barriers to thrive inspired the vision for changing the lives of women in male-dominated heavy industries, Shesfreetobe is a game changer.