Shesfreetobe Three Step Female Inclusion Strategy

Shesfreetobe HELPS Organisations Invest, to See Their Female Employees THRIVE through Practical Workplace Design Solutions!

There are many incredibly fast and easy ways to have a workplace design that achieves better Health, Safety and Well being outcomes for your female employees.

Shesfreetobe has the right on-site experience to help you lead this improvement, becoming an employer of choice for females in industries such as Construction and Mining.

The Shesfreetobe 3 Step Female Inclusion Strategy ensures your female employees feel WELCOME, CARED FOR and VALUED through:

1. Our FAST fix, the Shesfreetobe Tool kits which include female urination devices, menstrual cups and hacks

2.  A Day in Her Life Assessments where we spend a day at site discovering opportunities for workplaces to improve workplace design

3. Provide an Implementation  Framework based on education and the right tools for the easy wins and improvement opportunities

There is no need to fear female inclusion! 

Shesfreetobe is the conduit to facilitate those tough conversations so your business will see the full benefit of females on the front line.