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Do you want to recruit and retain a female workforce to see the BENEFITS women bring to the front line culture and balance sheet of your organisation?

To do this you NEED to understand how females experience your workplace every day.

As she navigates through her workday, there are many obstacles that she has found work around's for or accepted as 'what I have to do to work here'.

Your workplace design is a soundtrack to her working life, what song is playing when she comes up against these barriers? A song that welcomes her, makes her feel valued and like her health, safety and well being has been considered....OR a song that makes her feel the opposite, like she doesn't belong, that she has to fit in to an unyielding mould and her physical differences which make her unique female form haven't been considered.

Shesfreetobe UNDERSTANDS the challenge in what were traditionally male dominated industries.

We UNDERSTAND the best way to support females through each stage of their life including pregnancy, motherhood and menopause.

We KNOW how it feels to try and fit in.

We KNOW how to make simple changes so the challenge to belong and to achieve better Health, Safety and Well being outcomes  

You get to play the best mega hit workplace soundtrack for her. I'll guide you through where your organisation excels, and show you the simple focus areas with opportunities for improvement. 

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